Japan Petroleum Energy Center (JPEC)




Since our establishment in 1986 and our reorganization as a general incorporated foundation in April 2011, the Japan Petroleum Energy Center (JPEC) has been actively engaged in research and development of technologies for the production and utilization of petroleum as well as in the research by means of information collection, for the purpose of promoting an advanced energy supply system and the conservation of the global environment, ensuring a stable supply of energy, and contributing to the development of the national economy and improvement of the quality of people’s lives.

For some time, Japan has been facing the strong need to strengthen national energy security, promote environmental measures such as curbing of global warming, and respond to the changing structure of petroleum demand.

Under the circumstances, JPEC has been building and expanding our missions as a technical development platform for petroleum and other energy resources in the following fi elds.

  • (1) Development of Petroleomics as an innovative refi ning technology
  • (2) Development of technologies related to enhancing operational reliability on refi nery
  • (3) Technological development for the creation of infrastructure for the production and supply of high purity hydrogen
  • (4) Research on fuel utilization technologies for the resolution of technical issues in the automobile and fuel fi elds
  • (5) Collecting and providing of useful information on petroleum and other energy sources