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2. R & D at JPEC Advanced Technology and Research Institute

(3) Research on Technologies for Advanced Use of Heavy Oil

Crude oil throughput has been lowered due to a decrease in the fuel demand, and crude oil from new sources has become heavier and inferior in quality. In these circumstances, ATRI has been working on the development of technologies for efficiently producing bottomless crude oil and other products. Specifically, ATRI conducts detailed molecular analysis of crude oil components for the purpose of understanding reaction processes/mechanisms on the molecular level. The analysis results will be used for designing and controlling new reactors, reaction processes and catalysts. A five-year project for the development of Petroleomics started in fiscal 2011. Petroleomics is based on detailed molecular analysis of oil compositions/structures as well as on molecular reaction modeling. Petroleomics will also be used as one of the fundamental technologies for conducting empirical studies more productively at refineries.
Technological advancement of Petroleomics starts with analysis of heavy oil such as crude or residual oils. ATRI is developing the detailed separation technique based on the molecular structure of residual oil components and the detailed composition analysis technique of the separated fractions with preciseness and rapidity by mass spectrometer. Fourier-transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance-mass Spectrometer (FT-ICR-MS), the world’s most advanced analyzer that ATRI has introduced, will be fully utilized for this purpose. The detailed composition analysis of residual oil will promote the molecule-based reaction modeling, which predicts reaction results in the actual petroleum processing. For the reliable prediction by the modeling, the large numbers of molecule-based reaction parameters are necessary. The HTE (High Throughput Experimentation) unit is greatly helpful in providing such parameters.

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