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2. R & D at JPEC Advanced Technology and Research Institute

(2) Development of Technologies for Automotive Fuels:R&D concerning Use of LCO Fractions

ATRI has been working on the research subjects relevant to all stakeholders in the oil industry and also on the studies jointly conducted with the auto industry. Specifically, research has been conducted on the correlation between the quality of gasoline/diesel fuels and auto emissions,fuel efficiency and evaporative emissions as well as on the improvement of utilization efficiency of energy. Future-generation components including LCO fractions, biomass fuels and GTL are also included in the research. ATRI utilizes various equipment and facilities for the research of automobile fuels, including chassis dynamometers, engine test benches, SHED (Sealed Housing for Evaporative Determination) units, and state-of-the-art vehicles/engines.

  1. Facilities for assessing vehicle emissions and fuel efficiency include four chassis (one for research with gasoline, one for diesel and two for the both), four engine test benches (one for gasoline and three for diesel), and a state-of-the-art PM measuring device;
  2. For assessing evaporative emissions from vehicles, ATRI has two SHED units including the one for determination of refueling emissions; and
  3. Various test/analysis equipment as well as ATRI’s expertise in tests and studies of automotive fuels have been fully utilized for detailed analysis of auto emissions, quality tests of biomass fuels, and R&D of novel measuring techniques and test/analysis methods.

All-weather chassis dynamometer,SHED unit for determination of refueling emissions,NMOG analysis device

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