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1. Processing Technologies

(4) R&D for Creation of Technological Seeds of Innovative Refining

Technology for thermal cracking in supercritical water

In addition to the development of technologies described above, fundamental research and development have been conducted for innovative refining which conventional technologies alone can hardly realize. Specifically, JPEC has been working on the research of technological seeds for novel RFCC catalysts which drastically improve the octane number of gasoline without reducing the yield. At present, RFCC is characterized by high cracking performance but the cracking reaction results in a low octane number. Basic research is also implemented on next-generation cracking process of ultra-heavy oil by vtiliging supercritical water(1).
This technology will increase the cracking severity from 70%, which is currently available with cokers and other conventional technologies, to 90% or greater.

  1. A new thermal cracking method utilizing special properties, namely high diffusivity and solubility, of water beyond the critical point

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