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Ⅰ Development of Production Technologies

  1. Processing Technologies
    (1) Development of Petroleomics Technology

  2. Hydrogen Energy
    (1) High-efficiency Hydrogen Production in Oil Refineries
    (2) R&D Necessary for the Development of Hydrogen Stations

Ⅱ Development of Fuel Utilization Technologies

  1. Automotive Fuel Research Programs
    (1) Research on Automobiles/Fuels to Date
    (2) Japan Auto-oil ProgramⅡ(JATOPⅡ)
    (3) Research Study on Stockpiling of Petroleum Products

  2. R & D at JPEC Advanced Technology and Research Institute
    (1) ATRI
    (2) Development of Technologies for Automotive Fuels:R&D Concerning Use of LCO Fractions
    (3) Research on Technologies for Advanced Use of Heavy Oil

  3. Contract Testing Services by Advanced Technology and Research Institute (ATRI)

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