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Ⅰ Development of Production Technologies

  1. Processing Technologies
    (1) Development of Petroleomics Technology

  2. Hydrogen Energy
    (1) High-efficiency Hydrogen Production in Oil Refineries
    (2) )R&D Necessary for the Development of Hydrogen Stations

Ⅱ Development of Fuel Utilization Technologies

  1. Automotive Fuel Research Programs
    (1) Research on Automobiles/Fuels to Date
    (2) Japan Auto-oil ProgramⅡ(JATOPⅡ)
    (3) Research Study on Stockpiling of Petroleum Products

  2. R & D at JPEC Advanced Technology and Research Institute
    (1) ATRI
    (2) Development of Technologies for Automotive Fuels:R&D Concerning Use of LCO Fractions
    (3) Research on Technologies for Advanced Use of Heavy Oil

  3. Contract Testing Services by Advanced Technology and Research Institute (ATRI)

Ⅲ Collection and Analysis of Information

  1. Collection and Delivery of Information
    (1) Information Collection and Delivery
    (2) Release and Dissemination of Information
    (3) Network for Gathering Overseas Information
    (4) Lectures at Universities

  2. Studies and Analysis
    (1) Socioeconomic Topics
    (2) Technological Topics

Ⅳ Statistics Analysis

  1. Operation of the Oil Information system
    (1) Operation of the Oil Information System