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°»JATOP°ßJapan Auto-Oil Program°…

JATOP (Japan Auto-Oil Program) is a research program subsidized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and organized by Japan Petroleum Energy Center, in order to develop automotive and fuel technologies best suited to simultaneously settle the three issues, including °»Reducing CO2 emissions°…, °»Fuel diversification°… and °»Reducing motor vehicle emissions°… and to develop high accuracy air quality simulation models and facilitating their exploitation.

JATOP is a five-year collaborative research program conducted by oil and auto industries, and started in fiscal 2007, as the successor to the JCAP (Japan Clean Air Program) conducted between fiscal 1997 and fiscal 2006 and mainly designed to improve the air quality by reducing motor vehicle exhaust emissions.

Results obtained from JATOP have been widely published at °»JATOP Conference°… held in June 2010 and °»JATOP Conference 2012°» held in March 2012. Presentation materials are available here.

For more details about the research results, also please refer to the technical reports posted on this site.